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5 tips for conscious clothing shopping

It doesn't matter what time you are reading this, the important thing is that you enjoy yourself while I tell you what you should consider when buying clothes.

We all love fashion, some more than others, but ultimately, unless you live on a desert island, we all dress up. Here the ideal is to do so by creating zero impact, or rather creating the least impact. What do you mean by creating "zero impact"? I really have to admit that creating zero impact is a utopia (which for now I have not mastered), what I can tell you is how to make your purchase more beneficial to the environment.

In this article I will walk you through 5 of the EASIEST tips, so that, when it comes to consuming clothes, you can be more respectful with our beloved Mother Earth, and with the individuals who inhabit it. It's a win-win! Here we go:

The sourcing and manufacturing... "designed in Paris".

We have all seen this phrase, which sounds very glamorous, but more important than that is the origin, where was the product made? Many times we see the famous GANGAS, that tempt us all, but we are considering at that moment,

WHY is that product so cheap?! It is because someone else pays the difference.

Curious eh. Someone else pays the difference with their endless workdays and precarious earnings, chilling. Just thinking about it makes your hair stand on end.

1. Working conditions: Here what we have to value are the conditions of workers, because, although such a tempting price can cloud our minds, slavery exists in the world of fashion.

Animal kingdom… “Save Ralph”…

We all remember the striking short film by Taika Waititi, where the rabbit tells us about his life in the cosmetics laboratory (link). This can also be transferred to the world of textiles, since we all may find leather jackets and fur coats super cool, but we must be aware that this is an animal. A tip so that you can continue to use them reducing your impact would be to buy it preloved but...

2. Animal abuse: Here the ideal is to buy synthetic fabrics, avoiding putting the life of an animal in the equation of your outfit.

Without "Eco" I'm not "Friendly" :) – eco responsability

I think we're all sick of hearing the same thing, climate change! And you know what? The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. One of the causes is the amount of waste generated, some 800,000 tons per year! So, so that we can live in peace, without having to keep hearing that the Earth is going down the drain, I ask you to understand this and take action.

On this point I give you 3 for 1!

3. Ecological responsibility policies: Bet on clothing brands that comply with ecological responsibility policies. That is, for example, that in the planting of cotton do not use pesticides harmful to the earth, as it is one of the crops that implement more chemicals.

4. Sustainable fashion: You already know the word sustainability, now it's your turn to be faithful to it as much as possible. Look for sustainable brands, as they consider the environmental impact of their product, in addition to the social impact in the manufacturing process. Buy quality products that last much longer than one season. Happy planet and happy people!

5. Local business: Consume local products, because it is better to buy from your friend Raimundo than to buy products from the other side of the world. In addition to contributing to the economy of your environment, you will reduce the impact of transport in this sector, which accounts for ten percent of global carbon emissions. And if you're thinking, "how little 10%...", let me tell you that this is more than international flights and shipping combined.

I hope I've contributed and remember that if you apply ONE thing you didn't do before, you've already gained a lot. Every action counts! ;)

Keep these 5 tips:

  1. Value working conditions

  2. Opt for synthetic or vegan products

  3. Invest in brands that are responsible in their impact

  4. Encourage sustainable consumption

  5. Consume local products

Solo C is a project that aims to give a second life to stock from the 00s. It is clothing that was manufactured by our family twenty years ago, and has been preserved since then.

It was made in very good working conditions, which is one of our values, in addition to offering a good quality product and very original, promoting that it lasts many more years <3 The idea is to give color to your life in a conscious way, and by the way it is fashionable, which is not bad!

- Solo C (IG: @solo.cielo) by @thais.sitges

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