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All you need to know about vegan and sustainable cosmetics

Vegan cosmetics not only open a new market, but also make it easier for people to acquire products that are committed to the care and preservation of the planet. It is worth clarifying that these brands are also assumed as cruelty free, as they seek to generate new sustainable production models in a broad market.

Currently, many brands are oriented to be friendly to the planet earth. Cosmetics has not been left behind, and the industry has been revolutionized to find a sustainable path that respects nature.

What are vegan cosmetics?

With the proposal of a more responsible and conscientious consumption, several brands have been created in the world that are committed to the production of vegan cosmetics. These refer to products without animal components and that are not tested on them.

From hair masks to moisturizers or lipsticks, they are produced with 100% natural raw materials. There is no way to go back to using beeswax for nourishing products or sheep placenta for moisturizing. The proposal of these products eliminates these animal abuse practices.

How to know that a product is actually vegan

We all know that in marketing, many strategies are used to consolidate the sale of products. Therefore, it is important to identify when a product actually complies with the premise of being vegan.

It is easy to recognize that a product does use animal-based raw materials and does not fall into the category of vegan cosmetics. These cosmetics are labeled with names such as: silk protein extracted from worms, collagens obtained from the cartilage of a variety of animals, milk from different species. Other of the most common and marketed are products with cod liver, lanonin (which comes from sheep wool) and different types of wax produced from natural beeswax.

It is necessary to make the difference in raw materials clear. This makes it clear which natural ingredients are used to produce most vegan cosmetics. On the labels you can read vegetable extracts and fruit components, which are among the most common ingredients, as well as goji berries, acerola seeds, figs, arbutus and a variety of floral waters.

Why a natural product is best and which brands are leading the way

Choosing a vegan cosmetics line is now much easier, thanks to the variety that has begun to be available in the market. Depending on the products you need, there are options for body care, with presentations such as moisturizers based on vegetables and fruits. This is the case of the LUSH brand, where 88% of its products are made of natural raw materials, the only additives are preservatives, but it is a brand totally suitable for vegans.

As for products for face makeup, such as lipsticks, shadows or contours, there are brands such as Avalon Organics that offer vegan options as they are 100% free of animal products.

Even vegan cosmetics have made their way into nail care products, in brands such as Deborah Lipman. This is also approved for being cruelty free.

Although if you dare, you can even create your own vegan shampoos, lip balm and face mask to improve your hair, lips and facial skin. Totally vegan and environmentally friendly.

Natural cosmetics in Spain

We leave you with some of the natural cosmetics brands of Spanish origin that we like the most in Way To Zero Waste:

  1. Metandia: online store of zero waste products and natural soaps.

  2. Cero resiudos: zero waste store with a section specialized in hair hygiene.

  3. Bujas Market: shampoos, conditioners and everything you are looking for for your hair and your pet's hair.

  4. Victoria Moradell: school and natural cosmetics store

  5. Terra Market Granada: zero waste store offering a wide variety of products and services including hair care products.

We recommend you to visit your nearest natural cosmetics or zero waste store, as they usually offer vegan natural cosmetics products.

Using vegan cosmetics guarantees a better consumer experience. A natural product has positive impacts on the body in general, but in addition, it leaves a new level of awareness about the commitment to seek sustainable and friendly methods with the planet and all living beings around us. Thus, using vegan cosmetics becomes an ethical way to take care of the environmental connection necessary for a healthier future.

Join the fight!

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