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DIY Vegan Lip Balm

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Welcome back to Way To Zero Waste, in today's post you will discover how to make a protective and moisturizing lipstick at home.

Personally, I've always had a lot of problems with my lips, as they are usually dry and no cocoa or vaseline has ever helped me. They tend to crack and I always have dry, loose skin and after several attempts, I came across this formula and I love the result! Not only do they no longer crack, but now they are always well moisturized and shiny.

This lipstick is vegan and 100% natural. Remember that if you want it to be zero waste, you will have to buy all the ingredients in bulk or in biodegradable containers.

This DIY recipe is also valid for lipsticks. Just add pigment in the color of your choice and you can make your makeup natural. You can also add a scent of your choice, although we love the smell of cocoa butter!

Learn about the properties of the ingredients:

- Olive oil: acts as a balm, protects our lips and heals wounds Olive oil provides the hydration you need, although it is advisable to use extra virgin olive oil, since it is the best and healthiest oil. Other benefits are:

  • Moisturizes lips to keep them moisturized.

  • Repairs damaged skin tissues

  • Heals dry and chapped lips

  • Gives luminosity and shine

  • Combined with sugar, it acts as a perfect exfoliant.

- Castor oil: helps moisturize your lips. It is rich in ricinoleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid, a known moisturizer. Humectants help retain skin moisture by preventing water loss through the outer layer of skin.

- Cocoa butter: is an emollient, which means it adds a protective layer of moisture to the lips, useful for blocking the effects of very cold temperatures, sun damage or indoor heat, which can leave lips dry.

- Candelilla wax: Candelilla vegetable wax is an alternative to beeswax. Its physical and chemical properties are similar. However, since it is not of animal origin, it is suitable for vegans. Perfect for protecting and moisturizing your lips.

- Calendula: Calendula has a great healing and antiseptic power, in addition to regenerating the skin and producing collagen.


- 12gr olive oil

- 8gr castor oil

- 2 tablespoons cocoa butter

- 3 tablespoons candelilla wax

* Calendula

* aroma of your choice

* pigment


- Add all ingredients in a heat resistant jar. If you are going to use a flavor, it will have to be added later.

- Place in a double boiler and stir the mixture so that all the ingredients come together homogeneously.

- When it has a completely liquid appearance, remove the jar from the heat.

- Add the flavor of your choice and mix again.

- Pour the mixture into the jars of your choice and let it sit for 2 hours.

- They are ready to use!

We hope you liked this DIY and we would love to receive comments and photos of your results - Join the fight!

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