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How do we take care of our hair without producing waste?

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Welcome back to Way To Zero Waste. Today we come to talk about those products that we are using for our hair care in our initial stage towards a zero waste lifestyle.

When I started to learn about alternatives to the common plastic-packaged shampoo, the first choice was bar soap. I confess that I was skeptical of this alternative at first, but I must admit that after trying it, I have completely changed my mind.

There is an infinite variety of bar soaps, as well as for shampoo and hair conditioners. The same variety that we could find in the market, with the difference that with this format, we not only reduce single-use plastics, but it also gives us the opportunity to support small artisanal soap businesses.


I made my first hair care investment when the bottle of shampoo I had been using ran out. That day I made up my mind that I would never buy packaged shampoo again and I started researching alternatives. As I said, bar soap was the first one and, although I found the idea strange, I decided to give it a try.

Since I live in Berlin and don't understand German, my Google searches led me to LUSH, the well-known brand of handmade beauty products. There I bought the Honey Wash My Hair shampoo and the saleswoman guided me in choosing my conditioner, as it depends on the type of hair you have, and I finally decided on The Golden Cap (see image above).

That same day I decided to try them out. When it came to applying it, I remember not knowing very well how the bar soap was going to behave and if it was going to give me a good result. But my surprise was huge! I've never tried a soap that lathers as well as this one. With only two strokes I was able to wash my hair perfectly, making this soap a very durable product.

Now, three months later, I'm still using the same bar of soap I bought that day and my hair feels healthier and surprisingly, it has grown a lot! Thanks to it being a chemical free soap, my hair feels healthier and shinier.


My next step on this path will be to try hair care soaps from local artisan stores. There are many artisan businesses in Spain dedicated to the production of beauty products.

I leave you with some of the ones that have caught my interest the most and the ones I am going to use when my current soap runs out:

In Barcelona:

- Alseide Workshop

- Refill & Zero

- Sabodebarcelona

- Sabater Hnos. Soap Factory

- Sapone di Valeria (Santa Coloma de Gramanet)

- Natural Mediterrani

In Madrid:

- Brushboo

- Unpacked Shop

- laMalvaflor Artisan Cosmetics

- Enjabonarte

- Soap Wonders

In Malaga:

- Kia Ora Botanicals

In Bilbao:

- Enjabonadas

- Xaboi Punpuila Natural Soaps

- Jabonarte

- Natural and Organic Cosmetics Bilbao


- Bujas Market

Don't forget to find your nearest artisan store to start your change towards a waste-free lifestyle!

We speak from experience when we tell you that your hair and your pocket will thank you :)

Join our fight to reduce waste levels!

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Way To Zero Waste
Way To Zero Waste
Jan 23, 2021

¡Contadnos vuestra experiencia y los productos que usáis!

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