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DIY Vegan Conditioner

Welcome back to Way To Zero Waste, in today's post we bring you the second part of the DIY solid shampoo, vegan and zero waste conditioner.

For this edition, we bring you two proposals in which we have used only 2 ingredients for each one, so that your experience making natural cosmetics is as simple and fun as possible. Remember that for your conditioner to be zero waste you must purchase the ingredients in bulk or with reusable containers. (Video)

What is BTMS?

BTMS is a cationic emulsifier of vegetable origin that acts as a hair conditioner. It is very suitable for the production of cosmetic hair care products, but also for soft creams, lotions or make-up. It is particularly suitable for making shampoos and hair conditioners because of its ability to detangle hair. It can be used in combination with another emulsifier. (Source: Cosmética Natural Casera)

Conditioner with cocoa butter


- 15gr of BTMS 50

- 7 gr of cocoa butter ( or any other butter)

- You can add a few drops of scent if desired

Conditioner with coconut oil:


- 15gr of BTMS 50

- 7gr of coconut oil (or any other)

(It is not necessary to add aroma, as the coconut oil itself provides the scent).

For both versions we will need BTMS, as this is essential for the preparation of the conditioner. Remember that although we suggest the ingredients that we like, these recipes are 100% customizable. You can mix oils and butters or substitute them for others, always maintaining the proportions (twice as much BTMS as oil or butter).


  1. Add all the ingredients to a heat-resistant container

  2. Place in a bain-marie for 15-20 minutes.

  3. Stir the mixture constantly to unify all the ingredients.

  4. Once the texture is completely liquid, remove the bowl from the pan with the help of tongs.

  5. Pour the mixture into a mold while it is still hot.

  6. Let it cool naturally or put it in the freezer until it becomes solid.

  7. Unmold and it is ready to use!

For application, we recommend only using it on the ends of the hair for best results.

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