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Enzymes to clean your home

We can say that cleaning with enzymes enhanced through biotechnology is not new and is gaining more and more followers among users and professionals every day. They do not contain toxic products, they are ecological, completely environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and yet they remain a great unknown for the vast majority.

What are they? How do they work?

These cleaning products use non-pathogenic bacteria composed of enzymes that break down the dirt into small pieces that become the food for the bacteria transforming it into carbon dioxide and water, and at the same time will kill the bad odors.

In addition, these bacteria will feed until all the dirt is broken down or until they are removed.

It is important to know that the enzymes in these cleaners are not living beings, they cannot grow and reproduce by themselves. They are tools designed to be able to break down molecules.

There are several types of enzymes that are used in cleaning the most popular are:

  • Proteases: They break down the molecules of blood, vomit, urine, grass, egg....

  • Lipases: act against oils, fats and cosmetic products.

  • Amylases: Break down carbohydrate and starch molecules.

WeTKare has taken advantage of the cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing power of enzymes and has combined the three types to be as efficient as possible against all types of dirt and stains.

That is why enzymatic cleaners are accompanied by numerous benefits:

  1. They are environmentally friendly and non-polluting.

  2. They are safer for health, as they do not contain aggressive chemicals.

  3. They do not emit harmful gases (VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds).

  4. Being non-toxic, they are less likely to cause skin and respiratory tract irritation, being a great ally for sensitive skin and lung conditions.

  5. They help to reduce allergic reactions.

  6. They are very efficient against food, feces, urine, vomit, sweat, fats.

  7. Enzymes can penetrate into small nooks and crannies and act to remove dirt and odors where chemicals would not reach.

  8. Residual enzymes will continue to work for up to 80 hours after application. In other words, they will continue to clean and remove odors after you are done.

  9. Thanks to natural selection, non-pathogenic bacteria will displace pathogenic bacteria (which cause infections and diseases), which is a health benefit.

  10. They help to keep scouring pads useful for longer, especially if they are natural like loofah.

  11. They do not contain harsh chemicals and can be used on a wider variety of surfaces without damaging them.

  12. Because they do not contain corrosive components, enzymatic cleaners can be applied to stubborn dirt and left to act without fear of damaging the surface.

Thanks to their characteristics and benefits, enzymatic cleaners have almost infinite applications, they are a great option for general surface cleaning, very efficient in cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, they do not damage and maintain the shine of parquet and marble, they are a great alternative for cleaning carpets and other fabrics and they also eliminate bad odors.

They are increasingly valued among consumers who are conscious of respecting nature and especially among those who have pets and are looking for products that clean, eliminate bad odors instead of covering them and, of course, take care of their health.

Who are we?

For those who still do not know WeTKare is the Spanish start-up that has come to stay and evolve an almost forgotten sector, such as the cleaning sector, to make it more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

WeTKare wants to bet on improving consumption habits and has managed to take advantage of the full potential of enzymes in a concentrated formula that in addition to enjoying its benefits, its products minimize the use of plastic, CO2 emissions and water waste. With its concentrated formula it gives users the option of adapting a single product for all cleaning instead of buying 5 (kitchen, bathroom, glass, furniture and bleach). You only have to dissolve the appropriate dose in a sprayer and add tap water.

Its 1L Multi-Surface Cleaner provides up to 100 cleaning sprayers allowing one bottle to clean 1 year our entire home by dissolving the appropriate dose as needed and its 250 ml Floor Cleaner provides up to 250 buckets of water.

Join the fight!

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