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Measures adopted by the Spanish government to support the ecological transition

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

After the Spanish government declared the climate emergency on January 21, 2020, a series of measures were adopted to support the ecological transition. In these, the Spanish government committed to 30 priority lines of action. Learn more about some of these measures today on Way To Zero Waste!

Why climate change is an emergency

The announcement that the government will declare a state of emergency in the face of climate change responds to the general consensus of the scientific community and the international community, which requires urgent action to protect the environment and achieve the goal of climate neutrality as soon as possible.

The impact of this phenomenon is particularly evident in Spain. According to data from the World Meteorological Organization, Spain's global temperature has risen by 1.1ºC since its industrialization, according to the Spanish Meteorological Agency. Rising temperatures have caused 70% of Spain's land to be at risk of desertification, and the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands are vulnerable to rising sea levels.

Measures adopted by the Spanish government in support of the ecological transition

The main measures taken by the Spanish Government in its commitment to the ecological transition are:

  • Legal basis.

In order to have legal approval of the transition plan, the government submitted it to parliament. The draft contained certain fundamental regulations to achieve climate change. Among them, the obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the aim of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

  • Financial support

In order for the country to achieve the ecological transition, the government made a budgetary commitment. In this regard, it proposed a financial system that supports the decarbonization of the economy and society. As well as the generation of quality jobs, the effect of which would be to improve the health and quality of life of the population.

Similarly, a series of discounts on electricity bills for the self-employed and companies were activated. This measure is an incentive for those who reduce their invoicing by at least 75% compared to the previous month. The suspension and flexibilization of electricity and gas contracts was also proposed; this measure was taken during the state of alarm as a consequence of COVID-19. Similarly, it was proposed to postpone the payment of electricity and gas bills for 6 months, but this measure was applied to SMEs and the self-employed.

  • Changes in the agricultural and industrial model

The ecological transition will be possible with the support of the industrial and agricultural sector. For this reason, a plan was proposed to support and accompany these sectors, supporting measures and initiatives in favor of sustainability, as well as the generation of quality jobs.

It also seeks to integrate environmental initiatives that lead to environmental efficiency and for this, it is necessary to support innovation in business strategies that respect the defined environmental limits. Likewise, it was proposed to achieve a CO2 neutral agricultural system.

In order to contribute to the economic sectors, the government offers its support. This is evidenced in the public policies implemented. The goal is to achieve long-term decarbonization in the country, being 2050 the proposed year of climate neutrality. Because of this, support measures must be consistent with the objectives set out in the PNIEC (National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan), including the Paris Agreement and EU regulations.

  • Exploration, research and exploitation agreements

Another measure in favor of the ecological transition is the denial of concessions, specifically those exploration or exploitation of hydrocarbons in the national territory. It also applies to high-volume hydraulic fracturing activities to curb climate impact.

These are just some of the Spanish government's measures to support the ecological transition. It is expected to count on the commitment of all sectors of the country in order to achieve the environmental goals in the short and long term.

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