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Environmental Seals or how to consume responsibly

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Many times I have thought about how I know if what I consume is really a product or service that has been elaborated with processes that comply with environmental care standards.

It is likely that as consumers we compare prices to determine which product we choose, but we should keep in mind that the packaging itself may even have informative tools that tell us if that product has been made positively towards the protection and conservation of the environment.

Although as consumers we should have access to information on how a product was made, who participated in the process, what resources were used or how waste was disposed of, this is something that does not happen in reality, but there are certifications that can indirectly provide us with this information, indicating whether the product I am thinking of choosing is environmentally responsible. In a certified product or service it is possible to find symbols that refer to the fulfillment of standards in favor of the environment and these are known as Environmental Seals.

Some examples of these stamps are:

Rainforest Alliance:

It certifies that a product or ingredient was produced with methods that favor the pillars of sustainability (social, economic and ecological). You can find it on agricultural products, forestry products and tourism businesses.

This is the use of the Rainforest Aliance label:

  • Improve the livelihoods of producers, farm workers and their families, and communities.

  • Avoid deforestation, promote reforestation, protect biodiversity and mitigate the consequences of climate change.

  • Improve efficiency and reduce costs, which often translates into higher incomes

  • Increasing climate resilience through climate-smart farming methods

  • Improving the health of farmers, workers and their families

  • Protecting the rights of workers and children

  • Respect the rights of communities

  • Protect and enhance forests and other ecosystems

For more information visit:

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council):

It certifies that the forests used for the production of a product are managed in a way that conserves biodiversity and favors local populations and sustains economic viability.

This label advocates that:

  • Forest management operations will encourage the efficient use of the forest's multiple products and services to ensure economic viability and a wide range of environmental a