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The Green Charge Project

Welcome again to Way to Zero Waste! Today we come to bring you information about the new technology that is being used in electric cars to make them really run green and use renewable energy. It's the Green Charge project. Read on.

Electric car sales have not yet taken off, despite the fact that their purchase is encouraged in various ways. So what is preventing zero-emission vehicles from becoming a more widespread mobility option?

The lack of range of many electric cars is closely linked to the insufficient and, in many cases, slow charging network. The advent of electrification also entails the transformation of service stations, which must be equipped with charging points for electric vehicles.

The key point of Green Charge is to take advantage of the extra load left over within the renewable energy sources that are private. An equal sharing of profits is envisaged to ensure that all private companies have sufficient incentive to be part of the project.

Thanks to the installation of cost-effective charging infrastructures and new technologies, the zero-emission vehicles of the future will be truly environmentally friendly not only when using them, but also when charging them. This new project brings us one step closer to being part of a conscious society that cares about the environment, thinks about future generations and tries to improve the current quality of life.

This profitable business project, which proposes an environmentally friendly technological solution, is funded by the European Union and is currently developing different models to offer sustainable charging solutions for electric vehicles. Pilot testing of this project has begun in Oslo, Bremen and Barcelona.

Last year, solar photovoltaic panels and charging points had already been installed on several floors on the Røverkollen hill between Oslo and Nittedal. Thanks to this, locals had access to cost-effective renewable energy charging points. In addition, in this same area of Norway, thanks to Green Charge, an electricity grid has been managed to guarantee residents a charge that meets their needs in terms of charging times and power. On the other hand, the Green Charge project in Barcelona seeks to encourage the replacement of fossil fuel motorcycles with electric motorcycles and/or electric bicycles.

The project will not only help eliminate toxic gas emissions in the environment, but also promotes the use of motorcycles to reduce traffic congestion in large cities.

In addition, the project is also developing an intelligent recharging system. Thanks to this method, it will be possible to reserve the recharge in advance in order to easily access the energy needed. In this way, even if everyone wants to charge their vehicles at the same time, it will be possible thanks to the recharge reservation that will be available. To do this, Green Charge will have an app from where it will be possible to book smart charging for your vehicle at any of the charging points distributed throughout the city.

We are counting on this project to continue, to be successful and to expand around the world so that we can all have a more sustainable electric vehicle charging system.

¡Join the fight!

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