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The importance of exfoliating your skin

Did you know that it takes about 30 days for the skin to shed completely? So in our lifetime we shed our skin about 1,000 times. Don't you think that's amazing?

That's why we must take special care of it, not only clean it properly but also nourish, moisturize and exfoliate it once a week. And this last step is sometimes forgotten, when it is of vital importance, now we explain why.

Exfoliation in dermatology is the natural process of skin cell renewal by removing dead cells from the epidermis. For this reason, exfoliation is an important step when caring for the skin, especially in those areas that are more exposed to environmental pollution, cold, sun, the use of products that dry the skin such as hydrogels, alcohol, detergents, etc...

Body exfoliation helps to:

🌿 Eliminate dead cells for a clean and toned skin.

🌿 Prevent skin aging, activates circulation and promotes oxygenation.

🌿 Stimulate the release of toxins through the skin pores, leaving skin smooth and


From Laina Cosmetics we propose you two options to carry out a weekly body exfoliation:

🌿Our rosewood soap with exfoliating effect, made with natural ingredients, contains ground grape seeds that will provide you with vitamins and antioxidants, such as polyphenols and tannins, which prevent skin aging. Its exotic rosewood scent will relax you and its exfoliating texture will leave your skin silky smooth.

🌿Our sisal sachet is the best accessory for a gentle exfoliation removing dead cells and allowing the moisturizing products we apply after bathing to penetrate our skin.

Remember, if you want to maintain healthy skin, you cannot forget about exfoliation, always using sustainable, zero waste and environmentally friendly products.

About us

Laina Cosmetics is a brand created with great enthusiasm and care, born a few meters from the shores of the Mediterranean, with the purpose of offering a solid quality cosmetics for all skin types, from natural ingredients, made in a sustainable way and with minimal impact on the environment.

We believe that nature is wise and in her we find everything we need for skin care without using toxic ingredients or harmful additives, only honest and effective active ingredients.

And based on that premise we have formulated our soaps and shampoos solid, non-toxic, non-plastic, cruelty free, vegan, 100% biodegradable, respectful of the skin and the planet.

Our ingredients come from mostly organic farming, local raw materials, ingredients extracted from nature for their many beneficial properties for our skin and used throughout history in our Mediterranean culture: olive oil, aloe vera, argan oil, calendula, tea tree oil, shea butter, sweet almond oil, wheat germ, rosehip oil ....

Our products also have a solid format, which avoids the use of large quantities of water in their production. This makes them lighter and easier to transport, which means considerable energy savings and also allows us to eliminate any type of plastic in their labeling and packaging.

"We believe that solid natural cosmetics is the future, as it allows us to strike a balance between consumption and respect for our planet."

Laina Cosmetics takes care of you without neglecting the planet. 🌱

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