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The year 2022 will leave a mark in history

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

A year marked by the war in Ukraine, the protests in Iran, the economic crisis in Europe, extreme temperatures, the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the controversial World Cup, that is how it will be remembered 2022.

The year began with a quiet month that, beyond the January slope, did not seem to be far from normal. The world lived day to day normally, but the experts were preparing for what would shake Europe on February 24; Ukraine was invaded by Putin. There has not been a crisis like this since the end of the Cold War.

The NATO countries quickly sided with the Ukrainian people and their President Zelensky, providing them with food, aid and weapons to get them through the war. A conflict that would seem to end in two weeks, but continues today.

As a result of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the rise in prices that Europe experienced since 2021 escalated to levels that had not been seen in decades; The energy crisis was added to the economic crisis.

The price of electricity, food and petrol tripled, so much so that the European Central Bank was forced to modify its monetary policy to tighten it.

With the arrival of summer and good weather, the temperatures did nothing but rise, reaching extreme limits that had not been reached before. These types of temperatures came not only from extraordinary climatic phenomena, but also from difficult-to-control forest fires and heat waves that would hit the entire world, from Europe to the United States.

But if the summer wasn't harsh enough with rising temperatures, on June 24, Roe v. Wade in the United States and the right to prohibit abortion in its territory was returned to each state, since then there are 13 states that have done so. A blow to women's rights, something that caused American cities to be filled with protests and demonstrations before this event.

Meanwhile, Iran's protests against its regime continued to be in the news, but it came to the fore with the death of Mahsa Amini (22 years old) at the hands of the morality police; She was arrested for violating misplaced hijab. This injustice would unleash a giant wave of demonstrations across the country, leading women to remove their headscarves and cut their hair in public in protest.

Just eight days before, the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96, leaving behind a 70-year reign. His funeral would last 10 days, ending with a ceremony attended by politicians and government representatives from almost all over the world. Since then, his son Carlos III would become King of England.

Xi Jinping was re-elected as president for the third time in a row, but his third term would be marred by his zero covid policy and the strict measures China has lived under since the covid arrived in the fall of 2019. Tired of confinement, deaths Due to the virus and the constant PCR tests, the population went out to demonstrate to demand that they recover their lives before the covid.

As far as COP27 is concerned, the climate conference ended after two weeks of meetings in which only an agreement was reached; to create a specific fund for poor countries. Once again, empty promises were made that will not be known until COP28 if they have been fulfilled.

The World Cup in Qatar ended on December 18, remembered as the most controversial World Cup in history and the most shameful; His policies distanced themselves from human rights, and thousands of deaths were left behind during the construction of the necessary infrastructures to host the World Cup.

There is no doubt that 2022 will go down in history for being one of the years with the most traumatic events for society, in one way or another. However, these are only the most well-known events that have happened this year, but the truth is that it is only a small portion of all the things that happen in the world.

If we can make one thing clear from everything we have experienced this year, it is that now more than ever it is crucial that we unite as a society to protect ourselves and put aside our differences. We must take care of the world so that in the future we do not live in a world full of hatred, wars and catastrophes.

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