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Second hand stores in BCN

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Hello everyone! Today on Way to Zero Waste we will talk about the importance of reducing, recycling and reusing everything within our reach, focusing on the textile industry consumption.

Do you have everything you want? Do you think you need everything you have?

We often do not realize the impact that large industries have on us. They play an important role in our decisions through their power of influence, a place from which it is easy for them to manipulate consumers. Consumers develop an emotional dependence on the products that come on the market, linking them to a state of happiness or success.

One of the most exploited markets worldwide is the textile industry. Society is a victim of the massive and unnecessary consumption in this sector, and the worst thing is that we are not aware of the environmental impact it entails.

Faced with this situation, we bring you an alternative to help create a society of responsible consumption: Consuming in second hand stores.

These are some of the most popular clothing stores in Barcelona and where we buy the most:


The Humana solidarity chain has clothing containers so you can get rid of all those clothes you no longer need and thus give them a new use.

It has a great variety of clothes, both in styles and in abundance.

They are distributed throughout the city and in quite central points:

  • Calle de Provença, 500

  • Mallorca Street, 592

  • Travessera de Gracia, 80

  • Ronda de la Universitat, 19

  • Carrer de Provença, 167

  • Passeig de Fabra i Puig, 138

  • Roger de Llúria Street, 9

  • Avinguda Meridiana, 314

  • Ronda de Sant Antoni, 45

  • 33 Calabria Street, 33

  • 91 Hospital Street, 91

  • 41 Asturias St., 41

  • 295 Sants St.

  • 53 Gran de Gracia St.

  • 85 Paral-lel Av.

  • Gran de Sant Andreu St., 152

  • Carrer de la Creu Coberta, 110

  • Via Júlia, 72

  • 65 Major de Sarria St., 65


Holalaa is known for the variety of products available and the huge space of the store that allows to accumulate lots of clothes and furniture. Mainly we find all kinds of clothes: T-shirts, pants, sweaters, dresses etc..

There is also a sector with furniture and all kinds of interior decoration, with very good taste and at a good price.

You will find them at:

  • Calle dels Tallers, 73

  • Valldonzella Street, 2


The Lullaby vintage store is located at

  • Riera Baixa street, 22.

A small and very cozy store, we highlight the organization of the clothes, as it is classified by decades, from the 50s to the 80s. The owners are musicians and are charming.


If we dive into the streets of Gracia we find the Revolution store at:

  • Verdi street, 80.

In terms of space is relatively small, but just enough to keep real gems. We found many American nuances and lots of different types of clothing for all ages.


Finally we present Trash Closet, located in:

  • Plaça de Sant Agustí, el Born.

Lots of clothes and diversity of brands!

We love all the shirts they have, very good quality and super economical. They also have several jeans from good brands like Levis, it's worth it!

We encourage you to join this initiative and enjoy the new opportunities that can be given to clothing and furniture.

Join the fight!

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