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Vegan Lemon Pie

Today we bring you a delicious recipe from Mar Vegan, ideal to serve as a dessert this Christmas.

Did you know? The cooking water of legumes is not thrown away, it is ideal to bind preparations or to prepare vegan meringue, for example, and can be obtained from aquafaba (the cooking liquid of legumes) from chickpeas or beans.

In the cooking process, nutrients such as proteins and carbohydrates, among others, pass from the legumes to the water, providing emulsifying, foaming, binding, gelatinizing and thickening properties to the water. In this way, we obtain the possibility of intensifying flavors, improving shapes, textures, binding and giving body to our preparations. This is very useful in pastry and bakery, besides being a great ally for food utilization.

On this occasion, we prepare lemon pie. A fusion of sweet, lemony, creamy and airy flavors.

Are you going to try it?

Ingredients for the dough:

  1. 0000 wheat flour 270gr

  2. 1 pinch of salt

  3. Juice and zest of 1/2 orange

  4. Sugar 100gr

  5. Sunflower oil 50gr

  6. Vanilla essence 1 tbsp

  7. Baking powder 1 tsp

  8. Vegetable milk

Ingredients for the lemon cream:

  1. 3 lemons (juice of 3 + zest of 1)

  2. 200gr coconut milk (very creamy)

  3. 160gr sugar

  4. 100gr soft tofu

  5. 50gr coconut oil

  6. 1 pinch of turmeric

  7. 30gr corn starch

Steps to follow to make Merengue:

  1. Cooking liquid of white beans or aquafaba 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons of powdered sugar + lemon juice 1 tsp.

  2. Process the orange zest and juice, vanilla essence, oil and the dry ingredients. Add 2 tablespoons of vegetable milk if necessary. Pulse until a smooth dough is formed. Line a mold and let it cool for 30 minutes. Bake in oven at 180° until pale in color. Remove and let cool.

  3. Blend all the ingredients of the cream until obtaining a homogeneous cream. Heat until it thickens or once it comes to a boil, stir for 3 more minutes.

  4. Beat the aquafaba with a pinch of salt, sugar and lemon juice. It takes a long time. We must achieve a meringue-like consistency.

  5. Assemble the lemon pie with the base, cream and meringue.

Article writen by Mar Vegan

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