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Why is no one talking about the floods in Nigeria?

Updated: Feb 29

300 people have died from floods in 2022, yet newspapers and news channels only talk about Florida. Are the media biased in reporting the news?

This week we have heard a lot about the flooding in Florida, but little or nothing has been said about the emergency in Nigeria. Is the U.S. more important than Nigeria? Is the media biased in reporting the news?

In a brief poll conducted by Way To Zero Waste, only 16% of voters were aware of the current situation in Nigeria. However, this weather emergency has claimed three times as many lives as the one in Florida, which we do not intend to downplay. In addition, the economic, political and media resources available to the U.S. are a far cry from the resources Nigeria has to deal with this disaster, which we have not even given it a place in our communication channels.

Actual situation

Nigeria is battling its worst floods in a decade with 100,000 displaced, 363 dead, dozens missing and two million affected. The worst part has been borne by Lokoja, a city in the center of the country that lies at the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers and is the capital of Kogi state.

The country suffers from flooding every year, often as a result of non-implementation of environmental guidelines and inadequate infrastructure. The authorities blame the floods on the overflowing of local rivers, unusually heavy rains and the release of excess water from the Ladgo dam.

The floods have also destroyed crops, raising fears that they could further affect food supplies already disrupted by the armed conflict in the northwestern and central regions of the country.

The current situation has forced many residents in and around the area to flee their homes, in addition to causing an increase in transportation fares and a further increase in food prices, adding to the country's current crisis.

Meanwhile, residents of the affected areas are warning about the possibility of being attacked by snakes, crocodiles and hippos, also displaced from their natural habitats.

Why haven't we heard about all this before?

We would like to know your opinion on this matter, which we believe to be of great importance.

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